En préparant mon trip dans les îles (qui s’est soldé par 0 sessions sur 3 semaines…) je suis tombé sur cet échange fleuri sur wannasurf

A while back I wrote an angry note to Chris O boat bro (that I had the webmaster delete). I’d just like to say that I haven’t been back to the area but from what I hear it’s nowhere near the pristine area it once was. I understand that it’s helping the local economy and the local surfers, but I still think guys like Vetea D and Raimona and other less known guys really didn’t understand the long term effects of attracting all these surfers to their waves. And these waves, or we should more accurately call them « resources », are being exploited mainly by these non-native surf industry sharks that have the connections to bring massive amounts of exposure to areas that haven’t had time to balance the influx of people with the environment. It would have been much better for the locals to slowly figure out how to create an industry of surf tourism which would have slowed the pace of exposure and kept the money for the natives. Now the Natives are resentful of other Natives who joined forces with other surf industry sharks that see the potential for exploitation for profit and the ability to surf perfect waves consistently. If you don’t believe there is infighting between the natives as a result of this then you will when you get down there. Are you really proud of yourself Chris O Callahan? Don’t worry about getting Vetea to beat me up(read prior post), hide behind your money, you’ll never see me there again.

Il y a toute une litanie d’échanges plus ou moins injurieux entre des surfeurs US qui sont venus et n’ont visiblement pas aprécié et Chris’O et ses boys… Je ne résiste pas à l’envie de vous montrer comment Chris’O s’y prend pour s’assurer que ses anciens clients sont contents…

Why no name Why the threats Mr No name ????? Bring ya boat on put ya name down ask for Chris Moana or Vetea just don’t make threats then run behind the tree You wanna call me and Moana faggots hey bro come on down and experience some local hospitality first hand You my friend are the faggot!!!!

Un seul mot : la Classe !!

Petit rappel, Chris’O est directeur de compète de la Billabong Pro, ca laisse réveur…
Bref, j’en avais déjà un peu parlé ici comme d’une rumeur, mais cela tends à se confirmer… too bad pour le tourisme surf, non ?